Iron-OnA TV is surrounded by blue and red musical notes. A microphone is connected to the TV. The word Karaoke is written underneath the TV.

Price: $1.98 CAD


Item No: S0474
Dimensions: 2" w x 1.75" h
Patch since: Jan 01/07

Whether you're having a karaoke competition with your friends or doing a karaoke fundraiser for school, this patch makes the perfect award for the winner! Maybe you're hosting a karaoke birthday party and need some giftbag stuffers? This patch's simple yet elegant, making it an excellent addition no matter where you put it.


Hi Lori, I was thrilled to get home from work yesterday to find our new unit crests....they are awesome.....our girls thought they were neat as well when I took them to Sparks last night. Thank you very much for designing such a great crest for us.

--Lisa Furler-Smith
Hamilton, ON


The shirts were a hit! The color and design were great. Thank you to you and your team for helping me with this order.

Woodsmoke Area

Thanks for this!! I went to check it's progress and Canada Post knocked at the door with my order!! They are PERFECT!! We will definitely use you again for our district crest in the fall!!
Thanks again!

--Allison Graham
Vancouver, BC

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