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New Charms Available

Looking for different charms to add to your charm patch or charm bracelet? Four new products have just arrived to help you expand your Camping Charm Patch set and to celebrate Thinking Day. You can find all 10 of our charms in our Charm Patch & Charms category. Collect them all today!

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Free Ideas & Plans

Looking for activities, challenges, and meeting plans while your kids are at home? Our Ideas & Plans section has a wide array of entertaining plans to choose from. Experiment at your kitchen table with Candy Science, learn how to look after your furry friends with Pet Care, or help your child learn some life skills with the Chore Chart Challenge. We have over 30 different downloadable products that are all 100% free!

Do you have an idea that you would like to share? Submit your pre-written plan and you could get 15% off an in-stock or custom order.

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Try Adapt A Patch

Have you ever spied a patch that was almost perfect, but you wanted to tweak it just a bit? Well now you can with our Adapt A Patch feature. You can select one of our in-stock individual crests or patch sets and replace the original wording with your own.

The best part is that we already have the design which saves us time so we pass on the savings to you. The next time you need a custom patch consider Adapting A Patch.

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Do you know your provincial flower?

Every province of Canada has a beautiful symbolic flower, from the purple pitcher plant of Newfoundland & Labradour to the fireweed of the Yukon.

Discover your provincial flower or create a cool challenge that would allow your group to collect all thirteen!

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