Holidays & Special Days: Birthday

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts on their birthday? These colourful and festive crests would be a great gift to someone celebrating their birthday! There is even a crest celebrating Un-Birthdays! Can someone say tea party?!

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Birthday Box

2.3" w x 1.7" h
Item#: E713
Patch since: Oct 01/17

Price: $1.65 CAD

A cupcake with pink frosting and a lit green candle in an orange liner.

Birthday Charm

0.75" w x 0.75" h
Item#: ES3013
Charm since: Feb 01/21

Price: $2.50 CAD

Birthday Club - Cake with Candles

2.125" w x 1.75" h
Item#: S0065
Patch since: Mar 01/06

Price: $1.98 CAD

Birthday Owl

2" w x 2" h
Item#: ES13156
Patch since: Jan 01/18

Price: $1.65 CAD

Birthday Party - Presents

1.75" w x 2" h
Item#: S0703
Patch since: Apr 01/08

Price: $1.98 CAD

Birthday Party - Round

2" w x 2" h
Item#: S0702
Patch since: Mar 01/10

Price: $1.98 CAD

Birthday with Balloons

2.5" w x 1.5" h
Item#: S0722
Patch since: Jan 01/06

Price: $1.98 CAD

Emoji Birthday

2" w x 2" h
Item#: ES2323
Patch since: Nov 01/18

Price: $1.65 CAD

Happy Birthday - Balloons & Candles

2.3" w x 1.7" h
Item#: E926
Patch since: Feb 01/20

Price: $1.65 CAD

Happy Birthday - Confetti

2.5" w x 1.25" h
Item#: S2307
Patch since: Oct 01/08

Price: $1.98 CAD

Happy Birthday World Thinking Day

2.5" w x 2.5" h
Item#: E355
Patch since: Feb 01/14

Price: $1.98 CAD

Happy Unbirthday

1.375" w x 2.5" h
Item#: E060
Patch since: Apr 01/10

Price: $1.65 CAD

I Had My Birthday At Camp

2.5" w x 1.5" h
Item#: E460
Patch since: May 01/15

Price: $1.65 CAD


1.8" w x 2.2" h
Item#: E1011
Patch since: Nov 01/20

Price: $1.65 CAD

A present with a red ribbon has been turned into a decorative metal charm.

Present Charm

0.75" w x 0.795" h
Item#: ES3020
Charm since: Nov 01/21

Price: $2.50 CAD

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