Around the Campfire

Everyone loves s'mores! Campfires are a wonderful way to stay warm while camping, so don't miss out on your chance to craft the perfect bonfire. Celebrate your perfect bonfire and s'more combo with one of our patches. 

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2" w x 2" h
Item#: S0927
Patch since: Jan 01/06

Price: $2.20 CAD

Campfire Charm

0.554" w x 0.75" h
Item#: ES3006
Charm since: Dec 01/20

Price: $2.80 CAD

Campfire Cooking

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E321
Patch since: Oct 01/13

Price: $1.85 CAD

Campfire Flame Base

2.5" w x 2.5" h
Item#: ES1401
Set since: Nov 01/13

Price: $2.20 CAD

Campfire Songs

2" w x 2" h
Item#: S1326
Patch since: May 01/10

Price: $2.20 CAD

Campfire Songs

1.8" w x 2.2" h
Item#: E943
Patch since: Mar 01/20

Price: $1.85 CAD

Campfire Stories

1.5" w x 2.5" h
Item#: E752
Patch since: Mar 01/18

Price: $1.85 CAD

Campfire Wordle

2.65" w x 2.35" h
Item#: E877
Patch since: Jul 01/19

Price: $2.20 CAD

Camping Wordle

2.9" w x 2.1" h
Item#: E895
Patch since: Oct 01/19

Price: $2.20 CAD

Cooking Charm

0.689" w x 0.75" h
Item#: ES3002
Charm since: Dec 01/20

Price: $2.80 CAD

Happiness is Sitting Around the Campfire

2.5" w x 2.5" h
Item#: E764
Patch since: Apr 01/18

Price: $2.20 CAD

Having S'more Fun

2.25" w x 1.5" h
Item#: S2525
Patch since: Dec 01/10

Price: $2.20 CAD

Having S'more Fun!

2.375" w x 2.5" h
Item#: E241
Patch since: Jan 01/13

Price: $2.20 CAD

Hot Cocoa

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E1010
Patch since: Nov 01/20

Price: $1.85 CAD

Mug Up

1.75" w x 2.25" h
Item#: E448
Patch since: Feb 01/15

Price: $1.85 CAD

Mug Up Charm

0.73" w x 0.75" h
Item#: ES3011
Charm since: Mar 01/21

Price: $2.80 CAD

S'mores Charm

0.628" w x 0.75" h
Item#: ES3007
Charm since: Dec 01/20

Price: $2.80 CAD

Songs, Skits, & S'mores

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E552
Patch since: Feb 01/16

Price: $1.85 CAD

The S'more the Merrier

2" w x 2" h
Item#: E777
Patch since: May 01/18

Price: $1.85 CAD

Shop Online for Camping Patches

There's no better way to spend time around the campfire than drinking hot chocolate and eating s'mores! If you love to sit around the campfire, singing songs and roasting marshmallows, these camping iron-on patches are perfect for you. From a simple campfire to a kawaii hot chocolate, we have a collection of fun designs that you can collect and share with your club! Capture the spirit of campfire activities with iron-on campfire badges from E-Patches & Crests!

Around The Campfire Badge Designs from E-Patches & Crests

Our campfire iron-on patches come in all shapes and sizes and include fun song-themed jokes and delicious s'mores. Campfires are chock-full of activities, so our collection of iron-on campfire patches is full of creative, fun patches. Scouting groups to outdoor guiding businesses love our camping patches because they celebrate the reasons to get outside. See above for our full collection of campfire badges. 

Create Unique Campfire Badges

We are proud of our vast selection of campfire iron-on crests, but we know we don't have a patch for everything. If you have an idea for a unique design (such as a camping badge with your logo on it), you can either submit a suggestion for a new design or order custom camping badges. Many businesses, clubs and units choose to create their own camping badges and patches so they have one-of-a-kind crests with their preferred colours and logo. Request a quote to learn more about the custom camping patches from E-Patches & Crests. 

Can't Find the Perfect Around the Campfire Embroidered Patch?

Do you have something that you would like in our in-stock items? Please add your design suggestions to our wish list.

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