Iron-OnThis crest displays the side profile of a multi-level ferry as it powers through the water. The ferry flies a Canadian Flag.

Price: $1.65 CAD


Item No: E1072
Dimensions: 2.3" w x 1.7" h
Patch since: Jul 01/21

Have you recently taken a ferry trip with your friends or troup? Commemorate the experience with this patch! It's the perfect addition to any travel lover's collection.


The patches arrived this morning and they are perfect - exactly what we were looking for! Thank you for all your help Lori.

--AJ Appleton, Calgary Doula Association
Calgary, AB

Many years ago when I was a Junior Leader for Brownies, one of the Brownies, Catherine, named me Green Owl because, as she told me, "Green is my favorite color and you are my favorite person". My eyes filled up with tears when I saw Green Owl on your page. I have a felt shaped toadstool sewn to my camp blanket and the words "Green Owl" used to be written on it. Over twenty years later the words have faded I am going to sew my new Green Owl patch over it. Thinking of you, Catherine, wherever you are. I hope you are someone's favorite today.

--Beth Spencer

I just picked up our patches, wow they look fantastic! Thank you again for working with me, we will definitely be recommending your business to everyone we know.

--Aaron Hughes
Caledonia, ON

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