A raccoon happily munches on a box of chocolate chip cookies that it swiped from a tent.

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Sneaky Snacker

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Item No: E1068
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h
Patch since: Jul 01/21

This adorable raccoon proudly munches away on its stolen box of cookies. Do you know someone who's always sneaking snacks? This patch makes a great gift for snack and raccoon lovers alike.



Thank you. I love this crest with the Racoon eating cookies. It's amazing!



Hi Lori, I was thrilled to get home from work yesterday to find our new unit crests....they are awesome.....our girls thought they were neat as well when I took them to Sparks last night. Thank you very much for designing such a great crest for us.

--Lisa Furler-Smith
Hamilton, ON


Hi Lori, Well, I just wanted to say how impressed your newsletter was and how far the business has come. Your new space looks wonderful. You have such great staff and you and your business have really made an impact. The service given is tremendous – ladies are always very helpful and accommodating. I have really enjoyed the service and there's always such neat crests. Everyone I have talked to always uses E-Patches & Crests. I just wanted to say I am proud to be a “Crest Piggy” and yes, it goes back a long time. Just feel I need to send this message to you and your staff for a great job that you do. It is very much appreciated and I look forward to continuing to order crests from E-Patches & Crests.

--Donna T.
Drumheller, AB

Thanks for this!! I went to check it's progress and Canada Post knocked at the door with my order!! They are PERFECT!! We will definitely use you again for our district crest in the fall!!
Thanks again!

--Allison Graham
Vancouver, BC

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