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A hashtag sits in front of the words Nova Scotia Strong. Underneath is the province of Nova Scotia with a heart in the middle.
#NovaScotiaStrong (Peel & Stick)

3.1" w x 1.9" h
Item#: E967
Patch since: May 01/20

$2.20 $0.55 CAD
This crest is comprised of the words \'Keep Sparkling On 2021\'. A castle is positioned in the bottom right of the crest while a crown sits at the top. Stars decorate this patch.
Keep Sparkling On 2021 - Metallic (Iron On) - TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

2.2" w x 1.8" h
Item#: E1060
Patch since: Apr 01/21

Price: $ 1.75 CAD
The words Pandemic Super Hero are decorated with items related to a hero. A mask is to the right of the word Pandemic, a lightning bolt is on either side of the word Super, and the word Hero wears a cape.
Pandemic Superhero (Iron On)

2.4" w x 1.6" h
Item#: E970
Patch since: May 01/20

Price: $ 1.65 CAD
A martini glass containing an olive on a stick is tilted to the left. Above it is the word Quarantini and to the side of the glass is the word Time. The background consists of a bright yellow oval tilted in the opposite direction of the glass. Three shine sparkles decorate the background, two on the right and one on the left.
Quarantini Time (Peel & Stick)

1.9" w x 2.1" h
Item#: E961
Patch since: May 01/20

Price: $ 1.80 CAD
Two hand prints are separated by an arrow that has 6 feet on top and 2 meters below the arrow line. The word Social is at the top of the crest and Distancing is at the bottom.
Social Distancing (Iron On)

1.5" w x 0.5" h
Item#: S5908
Patch since: May 01/20

Price: $ 1.98 CAD
A cupcake with icing, confetti sprinkles, and a candle on top is surrounded by the words Virtual Birthday Party.
Virtual Birthday Party (Iron On)

2.1" w x 1.9" h
Item#: E969
Patch since: May 01/20

Price: $ 1.65 CAD
The year 2021 is embroidered in metallic gold thread on a red background. The zero is black with a gold and red ox emerging from it.
Year of the Ox 2021 - Metallic (Iron On)

2.8" w x 1.2" h
Item#: E1018
Patch since: Dec 01/20

Price: $ 1.75 CAD
Golden numbers form \'2020\' on a background of red twill. A golden rat is shown peeking out of the first \'0\'.
Year of the Rat 2020 - Metallic (Iron On)

2.8" w x 1.2" h
Item#: E909
Patch since: Dec 01/19

$1.75 $0.35 CAD

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