Iron-On A penguin sits fishing out of a hole in the ice. The words Ice Fishing arch over the penguin's head.

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Ice Fishing

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Item No: S1433
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" h
Patch since: Jan 01/07

Everyone knows someone who loves ice fishing. Whether you're the ice fisher, your friend is, or your boss, it doesn't matter, as this patch makes the perfect gift for any ice fisher (along with a new coffee mug).


I gave this to my Girl Guides when we went to winter camp . We caught 3 fish! We did the "Design Your Own Badge" from our program book about Ice Fishing. I would have liked the badge a little bigger.

--Penny Saunders


Hi Lori, Just wanted to let you know that we received our patches and we love them! Thanks for doing such a great job, they were worth waiting for.

--Pam B.
Niagara Falls, ON

Thanks for this!! I went to check it's progress and Canada Post knocked at the door with my order!! They are PERFECT!! We will definitely use you again for our district crest in the fall!!
Thanks again!

--Allison Graham
Vancouver, BC

Ryan was very excited to receive the crest - amazed that they were exactly like he drew (they weren't exactly like, but close enough for him!) I think the parents too were amazed at the drawing - stitching miracle! Ryan called me the day the crests arrived so I could hear his excitement as well. I am crazy about you folks! Next time I am in Calgary, I may go looking for Sylvan Lake!

--Bette H.
Warkworth, ON

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