EPC COVID-19 Response

Message From Our Founder

Where to start? A lot has happened lately, things are changing fast and probably not just for us. The coronavirus has affected everyone around the globe. Whether you're worried for a loved one, stuck in a bad financial situation, or just scared about what's going to happen in the next few months, please remember that your friends & family, neighbours & community are there for you. We are here for you too. We know times are rough right now, but things are getting better.

Here at E-Patches & Crests, we are fortunate that the majority of our staff have always worked from home. Phase three is finally underway in Alberta which is bringing back a sense of normalcy to our lives again. 

Please be reassured that we are doing our best to make sure the coronavirus doesn't get a foothold here. To ensure that the office is clean and hygienic we regularly wipe all surfaces and objects with disinfectant. We even disinfect all incoming packages as they arrive. After disinfecting we also wait a few hours before we handle and prepare the crests to be shipped out. And of course, frequent handwashing, sanitization, and social distancing is a must!

Unfortunately, we can not control how Canada Post or couriers handle your order deliveries, so we would recommend that all our customers take necessary precautions when receiving their parcels. Suggestions include wearing gloves, disinfecting the package on arrival, and washing your hands after handling everything. You may also wish to quarantine packages for 24 - 72 hours as well.

To everyone, please know that we are wishing you the best. Please stay safe and healthy; we will get through this together.

Happy collecting,
Lori St. Martin - Founder & CEO
E-Patches & Crests