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Learn how to Become a Yogi or Yogini as you stretch, bend, and twist, flowing from one yoga pose to the next. Breathe deep and relax, this meeting plan will take you through the steps of various yoga poses and ensures that you’ll have your own relaxing eye pillow to take home with you.

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Spread your arms apart like the wide branches of an oak tree.
Become a Yogi 5-6 yrs

Added Dec 7, 2015
by Vanessa Day

Become a yogi or yogini by trying out the Tortoise Pose. Imagine that the curve of your back is the domed shell of a tortoise.
Become a Yogi 7-8 yrs

Added Jun 10, 2016
by Vanessa Day

Become a Yogi 9-11 yrs

Added Jan 2, 2021
by Vanessa Day

Become a yogi or yogini by trying out the Warrior Pose. Learn how to stand strong like a warrior.
Become a Yogi 12-14 yrs

Added Jan 2, 2021
by Vanessa Day

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