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Glue Gun Challenge

Purpose: To be able to demonstrate that you can safely use a glue gun during unit activities

Note: You must complete all requirements to earn this permit and this permit must be completed under adult supervision.

  1. Know how to safely set up and use a glue gun
    1. Describe the safety precautions you should take when using a glue gun
    2. Describe how to set up your work area when using a glue gun
    3. Describe the first aid procedures for getting hot glue on yourself

  2. Demonstrate your skills in using a glue gun
    1. Demonstrate how to load a glue gun, plug it in, and put it down safely
    2. Demonstrate how to safely use a glue gun
    3. Demonstrate how to put a glue gun away

Glue gun safety

  • Set up your work area
    • Clear loose papers, tripping hazards, and flammable materials
    • Lay down a non-flammable cover for your work area such as tin foil
  • Keep ice water at your glue gun station
  • Tie back long hair
  • Allow the glue gun to heat up for 5 minutes before using
  • Do not touch the hot glue or nozzle
  • Glue will leak from the gun when it is hot
  • Always use the glue gun stand to set down your glue gun, never lay it on its side
  • Never point the glue gun at another person
  • Do not leave the glue gun plugged in and unattended
  • Do not pull any glue sticks out of the glue gun once you have plugged it in
  • Gently squeeze the trigger while gluing, squeezing too hard can cause too much glue to come out
  • Unplug your glue gun when finished and let it cool before putting it away

First aid

  • For mild burns, hold the burned area in ice water
  • Do not attempt to peel the glue off of your skin
  • Have a friend alert a leader immediately
  • For a serious burn, including any glue that makes contact with eyes, call 9-1-1


Emma Fisher-Cobb

I am a young Guider in Ancaster and Waterloo Ontario for Guide-age girls. I have been involved in Guiding for 7 years as both a girl member and adult. I love sharing nature and the outdoors with my girls.


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Updated Oct 01, 2018